Angela Bushong


Angela Kennedy Bushong started Bushong Property Services with her husband Lee in 1997.  Over the past twenty years, she has done it all from overseeing the company, consulting with clients, to pulling weeds and raking leaves.  As one of the very first employees of her and Lee’s company, she knows what it takes to work hard and complete a quality job from start to finish.  Her work ethic comes in large part from growing up with a mother who owned and ran her own small business in Angela’s hometown in Missouri.

“My mother always used to say, "no matter what, always do the best job you can do,’’ and that's what Angela has always done and continues to do.


Once her and Lee's company was underway in the late nineties, Angela joined Lee in the Jaycee’s local chapter in Jackson to grow as a leader and further her skills and knowledge of business.  For over eight years, she volunteered her time to complete projects in the community and in return, she sharpened her skills in numerous areas including communication, budgeting and planning. 


Today, Angela describes herself as being a self-motivated, detail-oriented individual and is always striving to do the best job she can, no matter how big or small the task.  Her favorite part of the job?  Gardening responsibilities and making clients happy by providing them with the services they seek.   She says that making clients happy is also a significant motivator in providing quality services. During her free time, you might catch Angela outdoors running or walking her dogs Pepper and Ginger or at home watching her favorite movie When Harry Met Sally while eating a hearty bowl of soup.

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