We offer weekly/bi-weekly cleaning services to keep your house at its best on a regular basis. 


In addition, offer deep cleaning and seasonal services all year-long.

House Cleaning


Enjoy your home to the fullest by keeping it regularly cleaned.

 Our Weekly/Bi-weekly

Services Include:

Dusting surfaces, furniture, light fixtures, electronics

Washing and drying linens

Cleaning toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks

Emptying Trash bins

Vacuuming/mopping floors

Wiping mirrors

Cleaning kitchen sink, counter tops, inside of microwave, refrigerators, etc.

Deep Cleaning

Auditing/cleaning pantry and refrigerator

Deep cleaning in and around appliances

including ovens

Polishing metal

Organizing closets, cleaning out drawers

and cupboards

Preventing the build-up of flies and other bugs

Moving furniture to dust and clean behind

Vacuuming/cleaning floors and upholstered surfaces

Cleaning ceilings, baseboards, beams, logs

Cleaning window sills/screens

Cleaning fireplace/chimneys

Deep cleaning bathrooms, garages, etc.

Readying rooms for guests


Be prepared for every season in the valley.

Seasonal Services Include:


Deep Cleaning

Storing and replacing seasonal items i.e. storing warmer temperature items such as summer linens, window treatments, clothing, outerwear and replacing it with colder temperature items such as heavier linens, thicker window treatments, skis, snow boots

Stock Firewood

Retrieve outdoor furniture from storage, set-out and clean 

Clean and store outdoor furnishings

Porch floors, decks, patios, walkways

Bushong Property Services

“Dedicated to providing

the best services possible for

your home, and property.”

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