Gardening is one of our favorite parts of the job at Bushongs because whether its spring, summer, or fall, nature has something special to offer us every season. We are happy to provide homeowners with our comprehensive Fine Gardening Services which allows us to do it all, from concept and design to planting and maintenance. 




We use our knowledge and experience to design and plant softscapes to meet your needs and desires. During the planning phase, we take into consideration your vision, the site, and the surrounding natural landscape to create designs best fit for you and your home.  


Spring Flowers

When winter starts to wind down and the snow melts away, the color of spring flowers brightens the days before summer begins. 


In the fall, we plant spring bulbs throughout your flower beds, along walkways and other areas we know they'll look great when they bloom!


Summer Flowers

When summer arrives and the days are longer, it means more time spent enjoying outdoor spaces at home. Whether with family, friends or relaxing in solitude, our memories are heightened by the vibrant colors and beauty found during the warm days of summer.

We blend a beautiful array of summer plants and flowers and with regular maintenance, we keep these flowers flourishing all season-long.


As the temperature begins to cool and the summer landscape begins to fade, the bold colors of fall begin to show.  The golds, browns, and reds combine to create the presence of autumn as we anticipate the snow to fall again.

Summer may be on its way out but not all of the flowers are done! We are more than happy to design your landscape to take-off in late summer and early fall.  

Fall Landscape


Fine Gardening Maintenance

We offer season-long maintenance services for your flower beds, containers, planters, trees, and shrubs

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