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Spring Lawn Care Program

Lawn Clean-up:

  • Pick-up sticks, branches, and other debris from lawn and haul away

  • Power rake lawn to remove old thatch(see below for the benefits of thatch removal)

  • Pick-up dead grass clippings and haul away

  • Blow and clean leaves and other debris from decks and walkways

Thatch Removal: Thatch is an intermingled layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots at the soil’s surface (image above). Thatch is a nuisance because it builds up faster than it breaks down. If your lawn contains a layer of thatch thicker than one inch it can cause the following issues:

  1. Dry out the turf's root system. Thatch heats up and dries out quickly which dries out the turf's root system.

  2. Reduces oxygen to turf roots. During rainy periods, thatch holds water reducing oxygen to turf roots.

  3. Pest problems. Excess thatch harbors disease-causing organisms and insects which can lead to pest problems

The Gist? Removing thatch to a minimum level will aid in the healthy growth of your lawn.

Combined Fertilizer/Herbicide Application:

Fertilizers and herbicides are often needed by your lawn at the same time over the course of the growing season and so, we’ve recently invested in the EXmark sprayer-spreader to combine these services for you. The results? This piece of equipment allows us to provide an efficient, cost-effective process that provides improved precision in applying both fertilizers and herbicides. Our hat is off to the EXmark sprayer-spreader.

Benefits of fertilizing your lawn and exercising weed control:

Lawn Weed Control: Controlling weeds in your lawn is necessary in spring and summer to keep the broadleaf, annual weeds such as dandelions, clover, black medic, etc. at bay in your yard. Although these weeds are common and seemingly harmless, if not managed well, they will spread quickly. To control these weeds, we apply the proper herbicides professionally and safely as needed over the growing season to keep the annual weeds out of your yard.

Fertilizing Lawns: Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is necessary to jump start your lawn back to life after the winter season. When applying fertilizer to your lawn, our goal is to make your grass as healthy as possible without causing it to grow faster. To find this balance, we consider a number of factors and use the right type of fertilizers. We often choose fertilizers that work well in this area of Wyoming and those formulated for turfgrass with high performance needs. We professionally and safely apply fertilizer to your lawn over the course of the growing season as needed to ensure good coverage and to achieve desired results.

Spring Noxious Weed Control

Spring is an important time to get a good handle on controlling noxious weeds. Applying the proper herbicides now could kill the weeds or provide the first application in a series of treatments needed to eradicate them completely. To provide the best management, we take into consideration the species and other factors before spraying.

Spring Irrigation Services

  • Spring Start-up of your irrigation system

  • Make repairs

  • Clean system

Spring Gardening Services

Flower Bed Clean-up:

  • Pick-up sticks, branches, and other debris from beds and haul away

  • Rake/blowout leaves in beds and haul away

  • Cutback anything left over from last growing season

  • Refresh beds with soil pep, mulch, or other materials

Planting Perennials

Planting Annuals

For more information, visit Fine Gardening at BPS

Spring Home Services

Clean and Set-out Outdoor Furniture:

  • Retrieve outdoor furniture, flower pots, etc. from storage

  • Wash, clean, and set-out furniture and pots

Deep Cleaning

For more information, visit Home Services at BPS

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