Temperatures are Warming-Up, Your Summer Landscape is Taking-Off, and We're Keeping It Maintaine

Summer Lawn Care Program/Noxious Weed Management/Benefits of Maintaining Your Garden Regularly

Summer Lawn Care Program

How does BPS keep your lawn healthy during the summer?

In the summer, we generally fertilize and apply herbicides to your lawn multiple times over the course of the season to feed and keep the lawn weed-free. A number of factors go into the timing of the applications:

Beginning of summer to mid-summer, we add fertilizer to your lawn to help protect and strengthen the grass as it experiences a higher rate of growth, heat, foot traffic, and other stressors that occur during the warmer months. We add more fertilizer mid-summer to late-summer after the lawn has experienced a higher rate of irrigation due to the higher temperatures and lower precipitation that typically occurs in the valley during that period. A higher rate of irrigation usually means a faster breakdown of both the fertilizers and herbicides and so, multiple treatments are necessary over the course of the summer to achieve healthy, growing lawns.

For more information on the fertilizer/herbicide process we use on your lawn and how we apply it, visit Bushong’s Spring Blog

Have you ever wondered how the lawn crew creates the awesome patterns you see in your lawn?

It’s not how they cut the grass necessarily but it’s how they bend the grass in different directions.

During lawn mowing, pressure is applied to the grass by rollers attached to the back of the mower and with some practice and planning; the operator can form patterns in your lawn. The sunlight then reflects off the bent grasses and creates the light and dark green stripes we see.

Noxious Weed Management

As we head further into summer, controlling and eliminating noxious weeds remains a priority. Noxious weeds are more than just an unsightly (or in some cases appealing) addition to your landscape, they are a non-native species that threatens the natural vegetation communities around the valley and have the potential to destroy entire ecosystems. If you are unsure whether you have noxious weeds, call us and our noxious weed spray technician, Doug Morehead, will use his trained eye to identify and seek out these weeds for you

A short bio on Doug: Doug Morehead is an 8-year resident of Jackson and he started at Bushongs in 2013; he has been an integral employee to the company ever since. Doug works year-round, plowing and shoveling snow in the winter, and exercising noxious weed management during the growing season. He’s been married for 42 years to his wife Janice and together, they have three kids and seven grandchildren. When Doug isn’t hard at work, he’s spending time with his family and enjoying his two favorite hobbies; fishing and hunting.

Fine Gardening

As summer gets underway, so has our regular garden maintenance visits to your home. These weekly visits (about every 7-10 days) are important for a number of reasons including the following:

1. The landscape of your home is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit and the first thing you see when you come home. If not maintained regularly, flowerbeds, planters and shrubs will become overgrown, inundated with weeds, and detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your landscaping.

2. Weeds steal valuable resources. If weeds are not maintained and are left to grow in your flower beds (i.e. unwanted grasses, dandelions, clover, thistle, etc.) they will try to crowd out the desirable plants by stealing their soil space, nutrients, water, and sunlight.

3. Keeps perennials and annuals healthy and blooming longer. Perennials are the plants that remain in the ground year after year and come up every spring/summer/early fall. When the blooms of perennials become withered and die, it’s important to remove them from the plant in order to generate new blooms. This process is called deadheading and it works to generate new blooms by redirecting the plants energy from making seeds, to putting that energy into it's foliage and roots. In turn, the plant produces new blooms, keeping it beautiful the rest of it's growing season. Annual plants act in a similar way and so, they too benefit from being deadheaded on a regular basis.

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