Need a Hand Prepping for the Holidays this Year?

Fall Deep Cleaning/Decorating for the Holidays/Grocery Shopping

It’s never too early to schedule services before the holidays. As we all know, planning early lessens the stress in our lives and allows us to check off our “to do” list. Schedule with us today, if you're interested in professionally deep cleaning your home, need a hand with decorating or would like your groceries delivered to your kitchen this year. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Fall Deep Cleaning

The exterior of your home may be ready for winter but is the interior ready?

5 Reasons why we recommend your home receive a deep cleaning every year before winter:

  1. Puts your home in its best condition before the holidays

  2. Prepares you and your home for the colder temperatures

  3. Protects your home by making sure everything is working properly

  4. Prevents dust and dirt build-up

  5. Ensures your home won't become occupied by critters seeking warmer spaces over the wintertime

Professional fall cleaning services include (but not limited to):

-Deep cleaning any room of the house from bathroom to garage

-Polishing metal

-Auditing and cleaning pantry, refrigerator, etc.

-Deep-cleaning in, and around, appliances

-Cleaning ovens

-Organizing closets

-Storing warmer temperature items (i.e. summer linens, window treatments, clothing, outerwear) and retrieving colder temperature items (heavier linens, skis, boots, etc.)

-Readying rooms for guests

-Vacuuming/cleaning carpets and upholstered surfaces

-Vacuuming/cleaning hard surfaces such as wood, tile, etc.

-Cleaning ceilings, baseboards and logs

-Cleaning window screens and sills

-Cleaning fireplaces/chimneys*

-Checking the outdoor lightening

-Dusting Furniture, window treatments, etc.

-Moving furniture to dust and clean behind

-Preventing build-up of flies, bugs, etc. in your home

-Stocking firewood

*In situations beyond our resources we contact local, credible services

Holiday Decorating

Everyone's favorite time of the year is coming and we are more than happy to lend a hand in making your home special for the holidays. How can we help you decorate your home this year? Whether you’d like to stick with your yearly traditional trim or try something new, let us know and we will be glad to set-up and display your decorations or select decorations for you.

Holiday decorating includes:

-Retrieving decorations from storage

-Hanging exterior*/interior Christmas lights

-Hanging exterior/interior wreaths, holly, garland, etc.

-Setting-up Christmas trees and decorating the tree**

-Decorating the front porch, entry ways, foyers, living spaces, family rooms, kitchen, dining room, sky’s the limit!

-Decorating mantlepeices above the fireplace

-Storing decorations at the end of the season

*We hire a local service to hang exterior lighting

**We purchase Christmas trees from local sources

Holiday Grocery Shopping

How will you be preparing your holiday meals, desserts and beverages? If you plan on cooking, baking or creating cocktails this season, we would love to help lessen the prep time by doing the shopping for you. Or, if you'd just prefer stocked shelves with all the items you need during your stay, we are more than happy to have everything ready when you arrive! Contact us today for more details and visit below for some fun holiday ideas!

Christmas Breakfast + Brunch Recipes from Pillsbury

Christmas Cookie Recipes from Betty Crocker

Holiday Cocktails from Martha Stewart

Cheers to a Great Start on Your Holiday Planning!

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