The Snow is Here, Are You Ready?

Be ready for the valley's winter conditions with our following services: Annual Vehicle Checkup /Snow Tires/Car Detailing/BPS Snow Removal Services/Professional Grooming Services

Has Your Vehicle had its Annual Checkup yet?

We want to protect you, your passengers and your vehicle by keeping it operating safely during the winter months. Jay Franks, our maintenance manager, is an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic and he will ensure your vehicle is in top shape to handle the worst weather conditions in the area.

Annual Checkup Includes:

-Check brakes

-Check tire pressure/tread depth

-Change-out tires for snow tires

-Check engine coolant/anti-freeze levels

-Oil Change if necessary

-Replace fuel and air filters if needed

-Check belts and hoses

-Test battery

-Inspect windshield wipers

During the checkup, if Jay finds any issues with your vehicle’s front-end alignment or other issues beyond the capabilities of our resources, we know local, credible mechanics that can do the job.

Snow Tires/All-Season Tires

Only a proper set of tires can increase traction on your vehicle while winter driving. Features on your vehicle such as traction control, ABS braking and other devices are great aids in winter driving but they will not increase your traction. To get the best traction, braking, and handling for your vehicle we recommend snow tires but if you'd prefer a good set of seasonal tires, it may be all you need.

Professional Car Detailing

Fall Detail

Winter is the toughest season on the exterior and interior of your vehicle and so, it's beneficial to prepare for the upcoming months. To prevent damage caused by snow, sleet, water, sand and chemicals used on roads, we offer professional services to preserve your vehicle’s exterior paint, safeguard the interior space, and protect the tires of your vehicle.

How we preserve your vehicle’s exterior paint:

-Wash vehicle

-Apply high-quality paint sealant or wax

How we safeguard the interior:

-Clean and Condition leather seats/upholstered seats

-Clean interior surfaces, panels, vents, and crevices and apply protectant

-Vacuum and clean carpets

-Clean windows, mirrors, navigation and video screens

How we protect the tires:

-Wash tires

-Apply high-quality polish

Winter Detail

Preparing you vehicle for winter is a great preventive measure and to keep it protected, we offer regular detail services all season-long. If you have any questions or would like to get your vehicle on a regular cleaning schedule this winter, please contact us today.

BPS Snow Removal Services

Our plows and blowers are out and ready for the winter season. There may not be much snow on the ground in the valley this week but when it hits we will be ready. If you don’t already use our excellent, timely snow removal services, please contact us today and we will be happy to put you on the schedule for this winter.

Snow Removal Services Include:

-Plow/blow driveways

-Blow/shovel walkways, patios, decks

Professional Grooming

Do you love cross country skiing/skating or are you looking for a new way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air at your home? A groomed cross country ski trail right outside your door might be what you're missing!

If you're interested in professionally and timely groomed Nordic trails, we offer the services you need. Over the past 18 years, we've provided grooming services throughout the valley and in 1999, we started the Bushong Cross Country Trail Groomers. Every winter, we proudly blaze trails for multiple homeowner's associations in the valley and this season will be our third year grooming for Grand Teton National Park. What's new this winter? Grooming Cache Creek for Teton County and Jackson Parks and Recreation.

Whether you prefer a regularly groomed, or a once-in-a-while groomed track, we are proud to shape a smooth, pristine trail right outside your door using the worldwide leader in Nordic trail grooming, the Pistenbully Paana. This machine is capable of creating great tracks in all types of situations including making narrow trails where spaces are tight such as through the woods or across bridges. The Paana also performs well on thin snow cover and areas where light surface pressure is required.

Professional Grooming includes:

-classic cross country tracks

-skating trails

-hiking/snowshoe trails

-sledding areas on hilly terrain (creates fun runs and is an excellent party idea)

Refer us to your HOA or contact us to get a professionally groomed ski trail at your home this winter.

For updates and grooming schedules, connect with Bushong Cross Country Trail Groomers on Twitter and Facebook.

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