What We're Up to at Your Home this Spring and 7 Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Lawn.

Spring 2017

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Spring Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn has spent a good amount of time dormant under this year’s snowfall and now that spring is officially here, it’s time to wake it up. First, we’ll come to your home to pick-up debris in your yard left over by the winter weather and follow-up with power raking to remove excessive layers of thatch from your lawn. The first mow of the season will also help to remove dead, over-wintered grasses and allow sunlight and air to help rejuvenate growth. We will also apply a spring dose of fertilizer and herbicide to help keep your lawn healthy.

Why maintain your lawn? Below are some of the most significant benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn:

1. Keeps air temperatures at your home cooler in the summer. A healthy lawn will eliminate heat through the process of evapotranspiration and can cool surface temperatures by 7 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Improves the air quality at your home and provides oxygen. A well-maintained lawn acts as a natural filter to trap contaminated dust from the air and also takes in the carbon dioxide (CO2) needed to project fresh oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. A healthy lawn area of 25 sq. ft. provides enough O2 for one day for one adult.

3. Prevents soil erosion and recharges groundwater supply. Dense grass shoots and stems of a healthy lawn slows down water run-off thereby preventing soil erosion and redirecting water to infiltrate into the soil which in turn replenishes the groundwater supply.

4. Improves the quality of groundwater. The dense, fibrous roots of a healthy lawn will trap and remove pollutants as water infiltrates the soil.

5. Improves the quality of the soil at your home. A well-maintained lawn generates a healthy level of organic matter that improves the quality of soil which in turn improves water filtration and creates greater rooting depth which ultimately helps to sustain the health of your lawn.

6. Provides open, safe, permeable surface for sports recreation and for children to play.

7. Creates a peaceful, green setting that contributes to overall well-being.

Source: Extension.umn.edu


As soon as temperatures are consistently above freezing we will come to your home to begin spring start-up of your irrigation system. Aaron will check your system to ensure it’s running properly and will clean or fix the system if necessary. They will also check for efficiency and may recommend updates to your system that will save water and money.

Spring Noxious Weed Control

Spring marks the start of the growing season and is a great time to spot and control noxious weeds in our area. We search for rosettes and apply herbicides as necessary to prevent the weed from growing flower stems.

Fine Gardening

Spring bulbs are beginning to sprout and bloom as temperatures warm up and the days get longer. As we take in the spring scenery, there’s plenty for us to do to prep your flower beds and landscaping for the season:

  • Assess and repair damage caused by winter weather.This includes pruning dead branches in shrubs and trees.

  • Clean-up any leaf and other leftover debris from the fall.

  • Add mulch to flower beds to help retain moisture, insulate plants while temperatures are still chilly, reduce weed growth, and to refresh the look of the beds.

  • Transplant perennials that are becoming overgrown

Advice on spring bulbs:

After tulips have reached their peak bloom time you may start to notice their foliage beginning to turn yellow. This may appear to be a sign that the foliage needs to be cut-back however, the tulip is still using this foliage to gather sunlight therefore, cutting them back too early can cause them to not bloom in the following spring.

Spring Home Services

Spring is traditionally known as the season to clean your home from top to bottom and we too believe it’s a great time of the year to refresh your home before summer.

Our spring visit to your home includes:

  • Storing winter and cold weather items in exchange for warm weather items including deck furniture.

  • Cleaning outdoor spaces, patios, decks, porches, etc.

  • Deep cleaning, logs, walls, baseboards, window sills, kitchen and bath cabinets

  • This is good time to organize and declutter items in your home.

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