Feed and Protect Your Lawn with Our One Step Fertilizer/Herbicide Service

Greetings all!

Summer days have arrived in the valley and it’s hard to believe that we’re already into the month of July. The warm, dry days started later than normal this year because of the snow and rain in April. If your lawn isn’t already on our maintenance schedule, please call or email us today so we can come to your home to get started. We’d also like to announce this is our second season offering our efficient fertilizer/herbicide service using Exmark’s Sprayer Spreader equipment. Read below for the benefits of this combined service and for answers to common questions about lawn fertilizers and herbicides.

Benefits of Fertilization/Herbicide Application:

  • Typically, we fertilize lawns four times over the season and apply herbicides twice. Although herbicide applications are needed less than fertilizer applications, combining these services twice over the season saves you two extra visits to your home.

  • Fertilizing your lawn adds nutrients for healthy growth all season-long.

  • Herbicides keep your lawn free from broadleaf, annual weeds including dandelions and clover.If not controlled properly, these weeds will spread and steal resources away from your lawn.

Questions Answered about Lawn Fertilizers and Herbicides

Q 1. Why should you apply fertilizer to your lawn?

A. Because nutrients are one of the important elements needed for healthy growth.

Nutrients+Water+Sunlight+Carbon Dioxide+Oxygen=Healthy Lawn

Q 2. Aren’t nutrients already naturally provided by the soil?

A. Yes, but in many cases natural soil processes of developed land can’t produce enough nutrients to grow strong, healthy grass and so, adding nutrients becomes necessary.

Q 3. How often do fertilizers need to be applied to your lawn?

A . Typically, we add nutrients to your lawn 4 times over the growing season

Q 4. Do lawn fertilizers and herbicides pollute water sources?

A. Only when they’re applied improperly or irresponsibly. We handle fertilizers safely and professionally to prevent any chances of surface or ground water pollution.

Q 5. How soon can your pets and children play on the lawn applying fertilizers and herbicides?

A. As soon as the lawn is dry, it’s safe for people and pets.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

5 Ways to Make your Yard the Best Staycation Spot

1. First, think back to any activities you remember from when you were young and try giving those a chance again! The kids will be happy you did. ---Kick the can, ladder ball---to name a few.

2. Outdoor sports. Volleyball, badminton, frisbee, baseball---all are timeless classics and are a great way to spend an afternoon or early evening in the yard.

3. I'm sure you're already thinking of outdoor barbecues, mmmm BBQ!

6. Stargazing. Move your outdoor seating into the middle of the lawn or lay some blankets in the yard and take in the Wyoming night sky.

7. Read a book. In the morning, before the heat of the day sets in, take the time to relax and enjoy the peaceful mornings with a good book.

We hope everyone has a great summer!

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